Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Room and Underworld progress update

Quick update:

The room is destorying my inner child. Simply put, the amount of fabric to work with is just simply too big, it doesnt fit in a single room (even the workshop). Working on it tomorrow, so will get it fixed. As far as the design is concerned, added 4 curtain rails for support, and also wood for the top to glue to the fabric so it doesnt sag. Still waiting to hear back from bunnings about sponsorship so dont think it will happen.

Sensors are being built atm, basically just 2 bits of wood each side and foam in between for the sensor. Will be testing this tomorrow night.

Airstick has arrived today (heard from our client), so we should be able to give it a test run tomorrow.

Paul has said he may have the calculation program done this week, however I will email him tomorrow about them.

Bought an infared kit today (like the ones that shops have to ding whenever someone enters. Hoping I can hack this apart and attach to an ezio sensor so I can sense when someone has jumped, therefore jumping in the game.

Finally mark is working hard on the underworld, here is some pictures he has sent me earlier:

big weekend ahead, out tomorrow at 8:30 to scour the neighbourhood for things to use in the room, as well as test the sensors, test the IR, test the airstick, finish the underworld, get it all together, set up the room, and start coding :). Hopefully will be ready by monday, even if it requires 0 sleep.


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