Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Lorna suggested to me that instead of jumping into analog sensors, that I may want to first make up some digital ones to see if the navigation interface actually is acceptable for use, and also whether analog sensors would add much to the experience. Today I made up 6 digital sensors (foam, aluminium and wires) to hook up to unreal to test out. I will be testing these out tonight, and will leave these in here. At the moment I am currently going through unreal, that is learning unreal completely. i think i have the mapping utility (unrealed) pretty much sorted, and am looking into importing models from 3ds/maya at the moment. These are really only so when I get to learning unrealscript I know the terminology that they are talking about. Im hoping to have learnt script tomorrow (wednesday), and have a fair grasp on the physics engine (karma) and the AI pathing by thursday. Then I can spend the weekend sleepless catching up creating our presentation for prototype. At the moment Mark is struggling with the heightmap terrain in 3DS in trying to export it into Unreal. More to come.

Oh one last thing, I spoke to Bergita today about materials for the cube, and she is going to have a look around this weekend, as will I (in my spare time :D). Were hoping that a rough version of the cube (without PVC pipe :<) can be made for around 100$, skeptical, but hopeful :).


Blogger Erik said...

what is the problem with heightmap import.

100dollars to buy what? Is it not coming from the marketing budget?

As I said before, I am not provided with funding to run this course.

10:53 am  
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