Friday, September 23, 2005

Mirror finally arrives!

The mirror for our *cough* CAVE *cough* arrived today, so as soon as I had the chance I ran down to the office and borrowed the mirror and projector to test it out.

It seemed really angry towards light, so we tried to mark it dark as possible, and it actually worked really really well (well a lot better then I was expecting). Although the image really needs to be modified to work properly with the mirror (which paul is helping with) it is actually semi-playable/semi-readable especially in windows desktop.

Here are some images that Erik took after it was set up.

Our attempt of taking a photo of the setup with the flash on :D

without the flash (very dark though, pretty average photo too, looks a lot better in reality

the mirror as such, probably can be buffed and cleaned up a little :)

dodgy photoshop effects meet low budget 3d projection

I gave back the projector and mirror today to A.M. (because Di is sick) and Im hoping that the mirror will still be okay on Monday (its apparently really fragile :-S) but should all be good.


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Blogger Paul Bourke said...

A couple of comment on this entry

1. Regarding brightness, the mirror is fairly efficient (90%+) so the lighting levels are due to the following
a) the surface you are projecting onto isn't designed as a projection surface and probably only 60% efficient.
b) the image is effectively 4 or more meters wide, the light is spread over that area which is larger than those projectors would normally be used for.
c) perhaps the wrinkles (the reason you have this test mirror) are causing extra light loss and defocusing.

2. What is the lumen rating of the LT260, the latest model is what I've been using is the lt265 and it's 2500 ansi lumens. You might also like to check the projector is not in economy mode.

3. The mirror is not that delicate, you can wipe it with a soft cloth to remove dust and grease. What you really don't want to do is bunp it with a sharp hard object, that will dent it permanently.

4. Going bact to comment 1a above, you might like to project a solid colour, or full white and see how much intensity variation you get across the walls.

5. You might also want to consider how much cross lighting there is, by this I mean if you have a bright light in the content on one wall does it wash over onto the other wall? This is a classic planetarium problem.

Over all a good wall surface will be one that reflects the most light back to the observer.

3:38 pm  
Blogger Erik said...

agree with Paul, early days yet.
A CAVE by the way normally has 4-6 sides and we are using 3 only really.
I found my old atmo files still work D and M, so will email you the links.
Remember, they were made 2-4 years ago using a very slow app!

Would like to see a 3rd person view too.

Mark, how is the skinning going?

3:51 pm  

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