Sunday, September 04, 2005

Project Progress as it stands

There are 3 phases of implementation and design for this project:


At the moment the screen and projection phase is in freefall until we can successfully find a budget to buy PVC to create a room, or find a cheaper alternative that is as light and portable. The mirror is on order I believe, so we should be able to test whether the method of projection will work, even if the display is not optimal. We are in discussions with Paul Burke at the moment regarding projection methods. The number of machines that we require isn't a huge issue, I am bringing my PC in to uni to use as the main place to code up the game and interface devices, so that both me and Mark have 24/7 access to it.


Interfaces at the moment is a bit behind shedual, but should have caught up by this week. The floor mats (analog sensors) should arrive back at Di's office this week, which means we can start creating the movement interface and also the podium/rostrum for moving objects. The airstick is being ordered asap (or is already ordered?) so should be available soon. The design of these interfaces is roughly worked out, however much testing will be required to see if they perform as well as expected. We are currently talking with Jeff Jacobson ( on both the interface and screen issues.


As can be seen, Mark has the game progressing well, with the main temples and the terrain imported. Although no interactivity or game has been implemented yet, the world is semi-created so progression on the game can commence.

Plan for this week:

Get placeholders in for the game, allow walking through the game, finalise the environment(models/textures), show it to the client, work out a script for the game

Plan for next week:

Floor pad interface working in unreal, with analog inputs, some game aspects complete, character models worked out, start of script implementation.

Plan for prototype:

Floor pad and airstick implemented into the game for user testing, first part of the script complete in game, game looking promising.

Post prototype:

Finish game, finalise interface, get projection working.

Its looking like its going to be a very long project, however we have been pushing ahead in other studies to get them out of the way so we can focus on this project.


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