Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Plan until submission

Okay with only 12 days until submission, it has come time to write down a plan to stick to until deadline. There are an enourmous amount of things left to be done, so there isn't much more time for stuffing around.


Tuesday 11th - Testing out material and this document

Wednesday 12th - Finalizing the construction of the room and game design documentation

Thursday 13th - Finish game design documentation and begin unrealscript and interaction documentation

Friday 14th - Continue with unrealscript documentation and finish HUD

Saturday 15th - Blog and set game up for assault mode (with objectives)

Sunday 16th - Do professional practice assignment (30%) and set up cube

Monday 17th - Meeting with Erik and finding out whether room can stay up till exhibition and book out projector

Tuesday 18th - Chase up mesh settings for cube and do sensor pad construction

Wednesday 19th - Insert the assets into the game and make anymore that are required

Thursday 20th - Same as thursday + blogging and finalizing unrealscript and interaction documentation as well as making the push sensor work correctly

Friday 21st - Final research into Mayan civilization and begin constructing goals based on the game design doc and the research

Saturday 22nd - Get the cube working fully with the projector

Sunday 23rd - Final testing of the game (adding any code) and making box/manual/faq etc

Monday 24th - Present and finish anything not formally completed

Tuesday 25th - Sleep.

And I think that should cover almost everything.


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