Friday, August 26, 2005

Data Projector details

Here are some details on the data projector we have available to use, I have to test it out on monday to see how it projects on a wall/roof and wall/floor setting in unreal to see which is more immersive :).


Distance away from lens
30 cm away - blurred, unreadable, max focus 8' max 5' min
40 cm away - blurred, readable, max focus
50 cm away - good, readable, max focus 14' max 10'min
60 cm away - good, readable, almost max focus
70 cm away - good, reabable, less focus
100 cm away - still readable, about 23' at max, about 20' min
150 cm away - good, readablew, 40' at max, 25' min
max is about 500cm


Blogger Erik said...

Looks like we are going with

* 5 floor pads (middle=walk forward, forward pad, run, left and right pads to strafe left and right and a back pad for back),
* a usb airstick (which means we use a mac- only found an old PC competitor)
* and if we have time an analogue pressure sensor mat lying nearly vertical, on top of a rostrum so we can push on things to open them.
* ceiling suspended projector, from a cage, Dekker wants to buld the cage out of aluminium, and I prefer sheeting rather than canvas so the projection is sharp and clear.
* the NEC LT260 projector
* my Palenque 3D model if I find the max/obj version.

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