Saturday, October 15, 2005

Assault Mode working !

Today I have been working on modifying the Unreality game type (see the big update post) to extend the assault mode. What does this mean? Through talks with our client, we have decided that the Assault mode in Unreal 2004 would be our best bet, as it offers the best single player experience in terms of progression. Assault mode gives players a set of objectives, which can then be carried out by the player. Types of objectives are getting to an area, getting close to a particular player or actor, standing in a single place for a period of time, or destroying an object. This means that we can build our game objectives around these categories, and this enables us a lot less coding time. It also means that it "SHOULD" be possible to run a network game between our setup and a normal computer, however due to not having Unreal for Mac (that works) we have not been able to try this yet. Here is a screenshot of what the assault looks like at the moment, we will change all the icons and everything to make it fit in better with the game:

Here is also a screenshot of the game menu (been having problems screenshotting it):

Mark has a series of Avatars up now, and also has created a staff that shoots out lightning. Unfortunately dont have any screenshots of that at the moment, but hopefully will be up soon.

At the moment the HUD is causing all sorts of problems, as can be seen in the screenshot the minimap is there, however I want it to be circular instead of square. At the moment its using the DrawPortal function, however I have been toying with the idea of making as a texture instead of a portal. To do this I created a securitycamera within the level, that followed the player. Then I applied a shader to make it round. However Unreal doesnt seem to support having scriptedtextures placed on the HUD, therefore it is impossible to do. I could have a square that followed the player with the texture, but I believe this is a very dodgy solution so I wont progress with it. Today I will be doing more stuff on Assault mode and also remaking the HUD textures and stuff to fit in with the new SQUARE minimpa :(


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