Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UQ VisaC setup

Today I was going to ring the UQ VisaC department, with the intention of asking to borrow their equipment or use it to display our project (the HPC (high performance computing) faculty). However before ringing them, I decided to look at what equipment they actually have available. It was very encouraging to see that the lab has 24 hour access, something that will definately be needed.

"Students attending subjects within the Lab are offered individual swipe cards
that grant 24 hours access.
The card may be used to unlock the doors to the lab and buiding access door immediately below the lab.

The lab workstations may be used at any time the Lab is not booked.
During a booked timeslot, ad-hoc usage is at the descretion of the booking holder.

Forms to obtain a swipe card or register an existing card will be supplied
by the subject lecturer or supervisor."

I believe that Erik may be able to get us access to the lab, but it seems only students with the right permission can use it. However the main problem seems to be the fact that the HPC lab uses Intel Itanium processors, rather then AMD Opterons. The problem with this is the fact that Itaniums require specific code for 64 bit and doesn't handle 32 bit like the Opterons do. The other problem is the 64 bit on Itaniums is different from standard x64 bit code. I have emailed Visac with these questions but so far have not recieved a reply. Hopefully if UT2004 can be run and they dont mind us plugging in sensors everywhere it should solve a lot of resource problems :).


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