Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Meeting with Keiran

I had a small meeting with Kerian today to discuss the sensors that would be involved in creating a cave setup.

He suggested to either use floor mats (digital) for the movement or touch pads (analog). Analog would probably be the best way to use it as you could control movement speeds which would be much more interactive however it is unclear at the moment how sensitive these pads are.

For the interactions he has suggested using two g-force sensors, that are analog and basically measure movement in a specific direction. Using two of these (one for left-right, one for up-down) should solve the problems with a device. This has also been previously been suggested by Lorna. It could also be possible to use an analog sensor for the device trigger to make it more interactive.

For the implementation of these he explained that for digital it is really easy to hook up a joystick device, however analog would prove to be a problem. I suggested our earlier plan of creating a shell that exports a text file of inputs which UT could read. As we had thought this would probably be quite laggy. He also suggested to look at the UT engine and see if it was possible to insert the ezio c++ code to make the engine recognise the sensors. Another possibility is also to create a program that hyjacks the movement from the sensors and bind the values to an already programmed device (such as a mouse or joystick). However again with analog sensors this may prove to be a problem.


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