Thursday, August 11, 2005

Resource Issues

This week we have run into serious resource issues regarding the tools needed for our project.

We have heard that for the sensors and projectors there will be a severe shortage on what we actually need. At the moment we are looking like we need:

1 Projector (if our contact using the lens is willing to let us use his technology, otherwise probably more projectors)
5 Taptiles (analog versions of the touch pads, for the movement of the player)
2 Geforce (sensors that control movement for the device we will be using to control where the player is aiming)
1 Touch type sensor (a small sensor that controls the trigger on the device)
Possibly more sensors depending on what else is needed for interaction (use bbutton, jumping and ducking?)

Our other main problem is the severe lack of room space. At this time there is nowhere at the university where we can host our product. Unfortunately due to the fact that we are under-grads we are not allowed master keys to the rooms (which is understandable). We have thought about possible rooms and made a list, however these are not very satisfactory:

209 Side-Room - Not much space, public and not enough blank walls
Animation Labs - Good space, has a code (although public could be changed) but again doesnt have blank walls)
Lower Pit - Good space, but is full of junk
Building 2 Labs - Public but locked at night, good space, possibility of blank walls

We could have a look at St Lucia for a room however due to the fact that the product has to be displayed at Ipswich as well as myself and Mark are situated in Ipswich makes this idea unfeasable.

There is an update for the resources. Tonight I am collating a list of sensors and how they could best be used in an immersive environment.


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