Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Meeting on Monday and other random things

First things first, interim presentation on Monday ! (YAY)

Myself (Mark was away), Erik, Carla and Lorna had a brief discussion on Monday about the progress of the project.

In that regard, nothing :). The project at the moment is pretty stagnent, just looking at possible technologies and all the fun procastination things (except for actually getting in there and coding).

We talked about screens, interfaces, (missed out on the game ideas) and giant cubes that will take over the world.

Game ideas at the moment:
Erik is really interested in an Aztec type environment, with a game idea he has been playing around with previously.
I am more interested in the Mayan culture, although its a bit dirty and crazy for a mmds project (lots of violent and wrong things). Were definately looking at a FPS although it may be necessary to use a 3PS (third person shooter) cause of the problems with immersion.

We talked a fair bit with Lorna about interfaces, seems it may be a huge hastle, due to getting the interfaces talking with the game engine (UT2k4). We found out that there is analog sensors at Di's office, which may be useful. The interaction between the EZIO board and the game through director/java (yes java is slow too) and a text file makes this pretty impossible. The only way now is to delve into C coding, however because the source for UT engine 2 isn't available, it makes it hard to plug the equipment in (we have asked's admin about it). Another possibility is the bodybag (, although this is meant for PS2's, it may be possible to use a PS2/USB convertor to get it working in our game.

Screens. Cubes? CUBES!. After looking at the mirrorbox idea way to much, we have decided to build our own temporary room to create our own mirror box. Although I was skeptical about the idea (I spend most of last night researching if it was possible physically), I have been ensured that it should work. So now I have designed how to build the room, just waiting on dimensions. It will be made of alumium joints with T sections to put it all together, however cant decide definately until the dimensions have been given and see what is possible with the size. For the screens I am thinking canvas or calico, and to keep them flush and square to use the same method as flyscreens (the wire that holds the screen in place idea). Although again this would be near impossible with metal (wood may work though). The fact that it needs to be portable is a big problem though, which needs to be constantly considered.

We also got 7.5/10 for our first presentation. We aren't too happy with our marks but know that we did fall down in a few areas (although it seemed strange that we got a heap of good feedback from others). One really strange thing that we got on our feedback sheets is everyone loved our presentation slides but thought that they were a bit too flashy. However we only got 5's and 6's for our presentation flashyness, which was strange, considering we also had a video we had made and a 3d model of what we were looking at building.

Anyway thats progress for this current moment in time in space in this dimension on this planet.


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