Tuesday, August 16, 2005


After looking through the available resources today, it seems that we will be unable to get enough (any) of the tap tile sensors that we were after for interactions. During a meeting yesterday Erik suggested a table with analog sensors that could be pushed, which depending on how hard would push obstacles, very tangable feedback using sound. Anyway have talked to a group doing studio 4 at the moment, and they are having problems finding resources and space required for their project. Their project is going to require sensors as well as a projector, and I am currently disgussing whether we could use the same resources, which might solve some problems :). Am doing up a list of all the equipment we will think we might use (after the table of interactions :P) and then they will do up a list as well and we will see if we can use the same space :). This could also get around issues finding space to setup, or at least the hastle of spending hours looking.


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