Friday, August 05, 2005

Phone Meeting

Today I had a phone meeting with Erik Champion (our client for the project) to decide on Mondays presentation with regards to the client brief and proposal. The notes of the meeting are as followed:

for monday

game engines: look at all engines
avatar: not first person? third person
game models: use egyptian models until we have time to make our own
know which person is doing that
what we want

how would it be successful?
erik: evaluation of equipment: ease of use, scripting required, user and design view, how hard to learn, how limited or portable
what types of interactions the equip suits best
faq for equipment
itinerary for what we want, what is availible - technology
1 test demo environment (web playable)
1 game engine to make videos and use in conferences
erik wants a copy of the stuff, not ownership
focus of the interactive

3 weeks on waiting on screen
paul burke made it
little bit open gl tech
not much work
need to control game outputs

why egyptian temple?
archilogical and tech guy did the caveUT
will get email
book in library about unreal
character animation

working demo, comparison of 2 game engines
gesturing just an option

list in table types of interaction devices and what the interactions are conditions, how it can be adapted to be games

10 mins max

mark - summarise unreal as technology for interactive (an idea) from last semester

mention a room
matt simpson
rear and front projection
how the audience works
head mounted tech - 50000$ for a good one, erik will ask around
visak - a UQ place with screens?

cardboard magnet!!!

phycial device changes when u pick something up - tangable feedback - can it be done - force feedback

springs on the mats, airpumps change bouncyness

arch as placeholders, discuss imaginative worlds

mark - do u want to use the malta stuff, how interactive

video avatars

ghost idea from malta - gonna


possible machinima creation tool

work out best interface

how much should the client and we want to do, negotiation, scope, equipment test > game or other way round

possible spirit game where at night where u catch spirits, shaman stuff, erik has a game idea


social/cultural - LICENSING

unity - dont look at

torque - dont look at but landscape interesting

keep it untechnical

concern for time and building game stuff, evaluation

28th sept - prototype - is there a prototype ready - architecture conference -

our design process is this way so at the end of semester u can see our process like this **** sketches
make it useful for us as well as erik

work out whose saying what in presentation


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