Thursday, September 22, 2005

Prototype and Midsemester

Monday’s prototype presentation went well (if not a little overtime). Both myself and Dekker have had a number of students comment to us throughout the week how impressed they were with the project.

After a long weekend we managed to get everything into the prototype we wanted to have at that stage. The only aspect that was missing was more NPC’s...however the system used to control and navigate scripted bots is far more complex than I had envisioned.

It would also have been nice to have an airstick for the prototype; however it’s out of our control but will hopefully arrive soon. But we can save it for the final :)


The midsemester break will give us a great opportunity to catch up on other projects and keep steady progress on this one. Next week I’ll try and get the environment polished:

- Texture changes, modifications with guidance from Erik
- Guidance from Erik with positioning of buildings etc
- Additional visual detail (butterflies, moths, birds etc)
- Ambient Audio (wind, birds, trees, water, insects)

While also working with Dekker and Erik on the game idea and specific game objectives. Also becoming familiar with the NPC system, so that characters can be walking around, interact with the player and generally give life to the environment.


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