Saturday, August 06, 2005

Reverse engineering input devices?

On Monday Andrew brought up the idea of using a modified joystick for input. The more I've thought about this idea the more appealing it becomes.

Firstly, any such device would already be supported by game engines. As far as the engine knows it's just an ordinary joystick.
The degree of modification required could vary, and straight away we're limited to the device's internal measurement systems. A joystick I imagine would have potentiomters or some sort of jiro system. Some models may even include sensors that measure the force applied to buttons and the stick itself.
Dancepads could be used for foot controls

Secondly, some engines (UT2004 included) support force feedback. I imagine most devices respond with by just vibrating...but connect up our own circuits and a range of feedback is possible. ie: Get shot and a light turns on or something.

Tomorrow I am off to Harvey Norman and some other stores to at least get an idea of what devices exist (as I really have no ideas) and have a play with display models. No doubt some of the more interesting devices will be the most expensive and this will weigh into any decisions.


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