Monday, August 29, 2005

CaveUT trial

I was hoping to get this setup last week however I was off sick.

Using the TFT panels on the Dells in the PC lab, we were able to run a basic multi-screen setup with CaveUT. We managed to get up to four displays running, only limited by the tethers on the other computers :)

The software setup is quite easy. All it requires is UT2004, the latest patch, the CaveUT mod and changes to each client's CaveUT.ini file for it's respective Field Of View/Angle settings.

Distortion is minimal, however the latency from the server display to the client/spectator displays is noticeable. We could solve this issue by having all displays as spectators with the server running on an external machine.

However this lateral screen setup is simple compared to a BNAVE/cubic setup. The camera FOV, angle and position settings seem complex to derive. Jeff Jacobson (PlanetJeff) has example setups on his web site which we will have to check out, failing that if we cant figure it out give him and email.


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